Atelier de SoSi

Artist Workshop on the South Side

Originally founded in 2014, Atelier de SoSi is a hub of creative expression. Our warehouse, originally a space for metal and wood work, is now home to an art gallery, studio spaces, scrap yard, event space and more.


Atelier de SoSi features artist exhibits, pop-up events, and private events.

Our vision is for artists of all mediums to come together in one space to create beautiful pieces.


From small events to large functions, we handle them all! We offer quality and efficient catering services here at Atelier de SoSi.

Event Space

The Atelier de SoSi gallery is made up of three general areas – common space, four private studios and metal and woodworking shops.

Handcrafted pieces made of metal, stone, wood and more.

Unique art made
by local artists.